Central Ideas

Nexus is a network of people who either through their professional or personal lives have seen the importance of creating settings where people can process their life experience. In today’s busy and fragmented world Nexus provides meeting places where dialogue and sharing of life can take place. Nexus assumes that life gets richer when we help one another make sense of life’s experiences, both ups and downs. It facilitates networks where mutual learning and processing of life can be enjoyed.

Nexus is connected with local groups and national organizations that may or may not carry the Nexus name. Nexus arranges events where important aspects and applications of its four central ideas are presented, discussed and deepened.


We are all on a life journey. If we observe, learn and discover while moving through life, we’ll get enriched. A good journey helps us to go deeper to the sources of life, culture and beauty.


Who we are, both what we value and dislike is best passed on through stories. Stories give us the opportunity to recognize and connect. They give us the freedom to identify or not. The stories of others equip us for living.

Safe Places

Life creates stories that need to be shared. We need to tell our stories in order to understand what is happening. We can only tell our stories when we feel safe to do so. Respect, trust and acceptance are the pillars of a safe place.


Finding meaning helps us to act. It makes us learn. Meaning is the sense to see connections, as well as our place and significance within the course of life’s events. We need others to shape meaning.

Recent Posts

Today I Am Alive

Today I am alive. So was my neighbour a few weeks ago. Then he died suddenly in his sleep. We had just been talking at the hedge that divides our gardens. It was the place we often talked. I was not aware that this would be our last conversation. The last sound of his...

Verona, Ottobre 2017

Quella che abbiamo fatto domenica non è stata la solita passeggiata per Verona. Una trentina di veronesi si sono ritrovati a riflettere sulle radici storiche dei valori occidentali. Glenn, un esperto di storia e filosofia venuto appositamente da Parigi, si è servito...

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